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What A Smart Admin Building Can Offer?

Smart Buildings Defined 

What is a smart building? This is a question that many people are asking, but there is no clear answer. While technology in buildings is not new, there is debate about what makes a building “smart.” Some say that any building with a functional sensor is smart, while others argue that only AI-controlled buildings should be considered smart. However, the answer is likely somewhere in between. Technology should be used in a building to improve the intelligence of the building, making it more efficient and easier to use for occupants.

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Smart buildings are the wave of the future, and there are many reasons why. From saving energy to improving safety and security, smart buildings offer a host of benefits. But perhaps the most compelling reason to embrace smart buildings is that they have the potential to change the way we live and work for the better. So what exactly are smart buildings? Put simply, they are buildings that are equipped with advanced technology that allows them to be more efficient, sustainable, and comfortable. In other words, they are buildings that have been designed with people in mind. Here are just a few of the ways in which smart administrative buildings can make our lives better:

Employees Change

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As the workforce continues to evolve, so do the needs of employers. In order to stay current and attract top talent, companies are realizing that they need to adapt to the change. Many businesses are now locating themselves in cities, where young workers want to be. This is a far cry from the days when employees were given company cars and expected to commute long distances to work. Nowadays, people want fast commutes on public transportation, restaurants and shops nearby, and flexible work hours with modern workspaces that suit their needs.

Sustainable Future Awaits

Sustainability is not only about saving the planet, but also about smart utilization that can generate significant financial rewards. For example, a building management system like the one at PARAGON can optimize energy use for lighting, elevators, heating and cooling, etc.

PARAGON is currently on track to become LEED certified.

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By eliminating wasted energy and properly regulating systems, any building can achieve significant financial savings in both the short and long run and have more optimized operational cost.

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“In PARAGON, we are keen on coping with sustainable development by implementing sustainable administrative buildings that aim to develop and spread the idea in the real estate market and encouraging other companies to follow suit.”

Bedeir Rizk– CEO-Paragon Developments

Health & Wellbeing

As technology advances, so do our methods of detection and measurement. With the advent of smart building sensors, we are now able to more accurately gauge the health and safety of a given space. These sensors have brought to light many potential improvements that can be made to workspaces, as well as some underlying health concerns that may have gone unnoticed before.

In this interesting study, dry air was found to be the single most significant factor associated with infection. At low relative humidity, indoor air was strongly associated with higher infection rates.

When we dry the air out, droplets and skin flakes carrying viruses and bacteria are launched into the air, traveling far and over long periods of time. The microbes that survive this launching tend to be the ones that cause healthcare-associated infections,” said Taylor. “Even worse, in addition to this increased exposure to infectious particles, the dry air also harms our natural immune barriers which protect us from infections.”-Stephanie Taylor-MD, M Arch, CIC, FRSPH(UK)

The Future Is Now

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As more carbon emissions are out we’re in the threat of drastically destroying our planet. We at PARAGON believe in the responsibility of each and everyone of us. We’re working towards keeping up with our commitment towards sustainability, and we’re continuing to invest in technology in order to utilize its full potential to the greatest extent possible.