30+ years in Real Estate say it all, my journey started long years ago. Being a chairman of this entity didn’t come at a glance, I witnessed endless ups and downs throughout my journey. From Contracting to construction, to development, my career was rich enough to make me here. Hello, It’s Eng. Mohamed Bedeir, The Chairman, but firstly, a PRGN.




My education overseas was the reason that created the person I am, and how I see things. Sleepless nights and endless work in huge-profile entities worldwide gave me the experience and the knowledge to hold a critical position in a very promising firm. That’s why I’m here, to transmit the vision and the global ideologies I’ve learned. Hello, It’s Eng. Bedeir Rizk, The CEO, but firstly, a PRGN.




More than 15 years in the Real Estate world, in very vital positions, and managerial roles in Egyptian and Middle-Eastern firms, what I saw throughout my career gave me the power, experience, and technical know-how to take charge of this critical position. Hello, It’s Eng. Ziad El-Hares, The CEO, but firstly, a PRGN.




Mohamed Shaaban brings over 35 years of architectural experience in Administrative, Commercial, and residential buildings. He is one of the prominent names in the field of architectural Engineering in Egypt and GCC, where he has designed many projects that are characterized by luxury, reliability, and sustainability.

Engineering Director



My 10+ years journey was challenging, yet fun.
Years and years of creating brand strategies for High-Profile entities in various sectors, the experiences I gained took me here, to a place that I’m proud of being a part of.
Hello, It’s Ziad Aladdin, The Marketing Director, but firstly, a PRGN.

Marketing Director



Being specialized in Human Resources for 10 years helped me a lot. I believe that happy employees will be truly-committed to the firm. My job is to make employees feel at home, comfortable, and proud of their belonging to this workplace.
Hello, It’s Shimaa Ramadan, The People and Culture manager, but firstly a PRGN.

People & Culture Manager



Managing projects is a huge responsibility that must be taken seriously. The years spent in Project Management helped a lot and showed me how projects can go places, and why they can go. That’s the reason why I’m here.
Hello, It’s Riham Refaat, The PMO, but firstly, a PRGN.




For more than a decade, I’ve been working in the Real Estate realm, I saw and witnessed a lot, and I lived in the kitchen of one of the most important industries in the country. This made me aware of all the insights of this world, and also made me capable of being here.
Hello, It’s Nada Kamel, The Business Development Director, but firstly a PRGN.

Business Development Director



Sales leader & relationship builder by day, gym addict by night. Accomplishing, results-driven sales. Over the years make me more keen on providing value-first real estate products. Hello, it’s Ahmed Shaarawy, Sales Director, but firstly a PRGN.

Director of Sales